Privacy Policy

Hello Everyone 

Welcome to the website transaction. we are the best-trusted BD dollar exchanger in Bangladesh. If you need a Dollar exchanger site BD I will suggest you press the link and convert your currency USD to BDT. You also can exchange dollars by Bkash and Nagad on this site. For Buy and Sell Dollar you have to follow our rules. 

Rules of our transaction:

1. Do not contact the helpline by phone or any other means within 10 minutes of ordering. If there is no emergency work, 10 minutes have elapsed since the order if any of yours and there is no mail in the given mail then tell in live chat. If you do not receive a response in the live chat, call the helpline.

2. Please read the Gateway Exchange Rules carefully before ordering.

3. If you don't know about Gateway Fee or have any questions, talk to Live Chat.

4. You will have to bear the full deposit fee of any gateway.

5. Each gateway has certain rules, read them carefully.

. If we do not complete the order within 60 minutes of ordering, your money/dollar will be returned in full.

. I request you to kindly round out your order.

. The round figure means that the amount of dollar or money should be 0 at the end of it.

9. If you need another gateway, call a live chat or helpline.

10. The rate we set is the fixed rate. Do not do any kind of bargaining.

Refund Policy:

1. If we are unable to complete your order in time, your dollars or money will be refunded to the number or account from which you sent it. In this case, no charge will be deducted. Always try to send money or dollars from your account for that.

2. Inevitably, if the order seems suspicious to us, we will refund the money or dollar from the number or account from which it came. In this case, you have to bear the entire sending fee.

3. Ordered but it is no longer progeny, then contact us before the order is complete. Your dollar or money will be refunded but you will have to bear the sending back fee.

4. No money or dollars can be refunded after the order is completed. In that case, think carefully and order. If it needs to be refunded for any reason other than the above, the decision of the admin will be final.